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Bryan Paarmann FBI

FBI Veteran Bryan Paarmann: Applying His Former FBI Experience To Leadership

FBI veteran Bryan Paarmann’s FBI experience has allowed him to demonstrate quality leadership. Bryan Paarmann’s FBI experience has served him well as he applies these experiences to the world of leadership. His long term commitment to public service allows him to utilize his unique experiences and apply them to an ever-changing landscape. Ever since Bryan Paarmann […]

Bryan Paarmann FBI

Bryan Paarmann 3 Emergency Response Tips

Bryan Paarmann, a veteran, and retired FBI Special Agent with a 30-plus year public service career in law enforcement and security has dedicated much of his life to protecting others and helping individuals and communities handle crises. Now, a Senior Vice President at Brosnan Risk Consultants Bryan Paarmann has held several very significant leadership positions, […]

Bryan Paarmann FBI Continues to Serve His Country Through Educational Engagements and Professional Networks

Bryan Paarmann has devoted much of his life to serving and protecting his community and country. Following in his father’s footsteps, he graduated from West Point in 1988 and commenced an over 30-year career in public service before honorably retiring from the FBI in 2019. Although he’s retired, he has not stopped his efforts to serve […]

Bryan Paarmann’s Over Thirty-Year Career Of Commitment To Public Service

Bryan Paarmann graduated from West Point in 1988. After graduation, he started an over thirty-year career of commitment to public service. Bryan Paarmann honorably served the United States in many positions. After graduation from the United States Military Academy, Bryan Paarmann went on to serve as an Infantry Officer in the US Army. Bryan Paarmann completed both peacetime and […]

Bryan Paarmann Spent A Vast Majority Of His FBI Career As A Counterterrorism Practitioner

Over 30-years, Bryan Paarmann has honorably served the United States in many ways. The role of a Counterterrorism Practitioner has been constant throughout his career. Bryan Paarmann has many accomplishments. A West Point graduate, Bryan went on to serve as an Infantry Officer in the U.S. Army. His assignments involved both global peacetime and combat duties.   A proud […]