BryanPaarmann FBI
Bryan Paarmann FBI

Bryan Paarmann Advocates Using Crisis Management in a Pandemic

In the Collective Effort to Flatten Curve and Return to Normalcy, Bryan Paarmann Explains the Benefits of Using Crisis Management During the COVID-19 Pandemic

The COVID-19 pandemic is a global crisis. The crisis expands across virtually every industry and has touched almost every aspect of everyday life. Many companies are dealing with loss of business, sick employees, supply chain concerns, panicked customers, and more. Bryan Paarmann, a retired FBI Special Agent, explains the importance of using crisis management.

Bryan Paarmann FBI

At its core, crisis management is a plan and execution of courses of action that deal with how to overcome the disruptive event in an effective and efficient manner. By using a crisis management plan for the pandemic, it allows companies to identify problem sets, assess the risks, train their team appropriately, and implement actions that address operations during the ‘storm’. Bryan Paarmann explains that above all else, communication at all levels, both internally and externally, is critical. As Bryan Paarmann looks around at how many companies are managing the pandemic, he suggests that many are not employing a crisis management process as effectively as they could.

Return to Business as Usual | Bryan Paarmann

Bryan Paarmann explains that one of the best ways to return to business as usual as quickly as possible is to define the ‘at risk’ situations and determine what is possible to do, the options for doing that, the advantages/disadvantages of each and decisive action to implement the chosen course of action. This includes taking a thoughtful, proactive, and deliberate approach instead of a reactive, fearful, and ‘on-the-fly’ execution to perceived stimuli. Information, preparation, and innovation is what allows many businesses to continue to keep their doors open.

While Bryan Paarmann acknowledges that there are still many unknowns regarding COVID-19, he’s also seeing how many businesses are taking a “wait and see” approach without effectively gathering pertinent information, evaluating that information, collaborating to develop a comprehensive plan and then communicating a plan to their employees. Meanwhile, Bryan Paarmann has said that businesses that already had an effective, practiced, and measured crisis management plan in place prior to the pandemic are the ones that are doing relatively better during this turbulent time.

Bryan Paarmann has suggested that while difficult at times, businesses need to focus energy and leverage creative, collaborative talent at all levels during the pandemic as a way to refine and implement a workable plan. Rather than trying to ‘bull through’ and take business as it happens, they need to put real thought behind people, processes, and collective, communicated plans. It can provide more confidence to employees and ensure that they have a lasting path to ensure that they can continue to keep their doors open for as long as it takes to make it through the pandemic. As various risks are identified, it is critical to have a discussion about the various options available and to take the necessary actions to establish solutions.

More About Bryan Paarmann

For over 30 years, Bryan Paarmann worked as a public servant for the United States. He was in the US Army, serving as an Infantry Officer. He, then, worked for the Federal Bureau of Investigation for over 23 years. Upon retiring, he transitioned from government service into the private sector in order to bring his knowledge of leadership, intelligence, and crisis management to the corporate world.

Bryan Paarmann regularly consults with businesses of all sizes for purposes of crisis management, team building, and leadership.

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