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Bryan Paarmann FBI

Bryan Paarmann Advocates Using Crisis Management in a Pandemic

In the Collective Effort to Flatten Curve and Return to Normalcy, Bryan Paarmann Explains the Benefits of Using Crisis Management During the COVID-19 Pandemic

The COVID-19 pandemic is a global crisis. The crisis expands across virtually every industry and has touched almost every aspect of everyday life. Many companies are dealing with loss of business, sick employees, supply chain concerns, panicked customers, and more. Bryan Paarmann, a retired FBI Special Agent, explains the importance of using crisis management.

Bryan Paarmann FBI

At its core, crisis management is a plan and execution of courses of action that deal with how to overcome the disruptive event in an effective and efficient manner. By using a crisis management plan for the pandemic, it allows companies to identify problem sets, assess the risks, train their team appropriately, and implement actions that address operations during the ‘storm’. Bryan Paarmann explains that above all else, communication at all levels, both internally and externally, is critical. As Bryan Paarmann looks around at how many companies are managing the pandemic, he suggests that many are not employing a crisis management process as effectively as they could.

Return to Business as Usual | Bryan Paarmann

Bryan Paarmann explains that one of the best ways to return to business as usual as quickly as possible is to define the ‘at risk’ situations and determine what is possible to do, the options for doing that, the advantages/disadvantages of each and decisive action to implement the chosen course of action. This includes taking a thoughtful, proactive, and deliberate approach instead of a reactive, fearful, and ‘on-the-fly’ execution to perceived stimuli. Information, preparation, and innovation is what allows many businesses to continue to keep their doors open.

While Bryan Paarmann acknowledges that there are still many unknowns regarding COVID-19, he’s also seeing how many businesses are taking a “wait and see” approach without effectively gathering pertinent information, evaluating that information, collaborating to develop a comprehensive plan and then communicating a plan to their employees. Meanwhile, Bryan Paarmann has said that businesses that already had an effective, practiced, and measured crisis management plan in place prior to the pandemic are the ones that are doing relatively better during this turbulent time.

Bryan Paarmann has suggested that while difficult at times, businesses need to focus energy and leverage creative, collaborative talent at all levels during the pandemic as a way to refine and implement a workable plan. Rather than trying to ‘bull through’ and take business as it happens, they need to put real thought behind people, processes, and collective, communicated plans. It can provide more confidence to employees and ensure that they have a lasting path to ensure that they can continue to keep their doors open for as long as it takes to make it through the pandemic. As various risks are identified, it is critical to have a discussion about the various options available and to take the necessary actions to establish solutions.

More About Bryan Paarmann

For over 30 years, Bryan Paarmann worked as a public servant for the United States. He was in the US Army, serving as an Infantry Officer. He, then, worked for the Federal Bureau of Investigation for over 23 years. Upon retiring, he transitioned from government service into the private sector in order to bring his knowledge of leadership, intelligence, and crisis management to the corporate world.

Bryan Paarmann regularly consults with businesses of all sizes for purposes of crisis management, team building, and leadership.

Bryan Paarmann FBI

FBI Veteran Bryan Paarmann: Applying His Former FBI Experience To Leadership

FBI veteran Bryan Paarmann’s FBI experience has allowed him to demonstrate quality leadership.

Bryan Paarmann’s FBI experience has served him well as he applies these experiences to the world of leadership. His long term commitment to public service allows him to utilize his unique experiences and apply them to an ever-changing landscape. Ever since Bryan Paarmann graduated from West Point, he has dedicated himself to helping others.

Bryan Paarmann FBI (9)This is how Bryan Paarmann became an FBI veteran. He’s spent his entire life serving his country in various capacities. Bryan Paarmann has a wide field of experience, whether it is serving as an infantry officer for the US Army or working tirelessly to rid the streets of dangerous criminals and terrorists in his former capacity with the FBI.

Public service means everything to Bryan Paarmann. Bryan Paarmann joined the FBI back in 1996 and he was able to carry on a proud family legacy by doing so. His father served for the FBI for a 28-year-old period, stretching from 1952 to 1980. As a second-generation FBI agent, Bryan Paarmann carried on a family tradition of honorable service to the nation.

He proudly honored his family legacy by accepted his father’s FBI credential number which was presented to him upon graduation from the FBI Academy by his father himself. For Bryan Paarmann, FBI service was a way of life and a calling. Bryan Paarmann’s FBI work took him to all sorts of disparate locales. He spent time in offices all around the country and the world and this is how he sharpened his leadership skills.

Foundation of Experience | Bryan Paarmann Retired FBI

Since Bryan Paarmann contributed to a variety of cases in so many locations, this gave him a foundation of experience to build upon. He was given a great deal of responsibility in ever-increasing leadership roles with the FBI. Serving as the head of the NY Joint Terrorism Task Force was the pinnacle of his career. Bryan Paarmann’s FBI experience also extends to their Criminal and National Security mandates.

While he has retired from active service with the FBI, Bryan still remains committed to public service. The assignments that he received with the FBI consistently grew and he was entrusted with greater levels of responsibility. The scope of his assignments also increased over the course of time.

The lessons that he learned from the FBI can easily be applied to his current leadership. After leading one of the nation’s most dynamic multi-organizational counter-terrorism teams, Bryan Paarmann has seen and managed a great deal of significant crisis situations. The decades that he has spent handling various FBI duties have prepared him for a wide variety of possible situations that could come his way.
Great leadership depends on an ability to be flexible and adaptable. The best leaders are able to conform to and manage any situation that is placed in front of them and Bryan’s FBI service has given him the tools that he needs to be able to accomplish this. After his honorable retirement from the FBI, Bryan is now positioned to continue in a leadership role and apply the lessons he has learned to a new position in his next chapter of service.

Bryan Paarmann FBI

Bryan Paarmann: Applying Decades Of FBI Experience To Counterterrorism

Before he retired, Bryan Paarmann served the United States as an FBI executive for over two decades. He has several areas of specialties, which include, counterterrorism and leadership. He is now a Senior Vice President at Brosnan Risk Consultants.

Bryan Paarmann FBIPrior to his retirement, Bryan Paarmann, FBI (retired), held several leadership positions and one of them was the leader of the New York Joint Terrorism Task Force. His numerous achievements have earned him nationwide recognition and accolades. Despite being retired, Bryan Paarmann, FBI (retired), won’t rest on his oars, especially in his efforts towards counterterrorism.

One way through which Bryan Paarmann, FBI (retired), has been applying his experience is public speaking. He speaks to groups of people whenever the opportunity arises, on the current dynamics of the terrorism threat to the United States and thoughts on how to mitigate that threat to keep people and property safe. He recently gave two tips on how to respond to emergencies.

Emergency tips given by Bryan Paarmann, FBI (retired)

1. Bryan Paarmann, FBI (retired), says you should be prepared for the crisis

According to Bryan Paarmann, FBI (retired), one of the best ways to manage a crisis situation is to be prepared for it. Being prepared means that you should already have a response plan in case it happens. Whether it is an accident or terror attack, you’ll be able to manage it better if you had anticipated it and planned for it.

Bryan Paarmann, FBI (retired), says it is not enough to just have a plan. You should also share it with your team or family members, depending on what the situation may be. You should all know what the plan is, and ensure everyone understands their role, and exercise and test the plan regularly. This is quite in line with logical reasoning. Emergency situations can occur when you are not around. If you had put your team members on the same page with you in that regard, they should be able to manage the situation without you.

He believes that it is important to map out an evacuation route and place it where it can be seen easily. You may also practice a drill to be able to detect the flaws in your plans or evacuation strategies. More so, it is mandatory for every workplace to have an emergency exit. In case that the absolute unthinkable happens, every member should be aware of the emergency exit and understand where logical rally points are after you have exited the building for accountability purposes.

2. Bryan Paarmann, FBI (retired), advises you to remain calm

If an emergency does occur, Bryan Paarmann, FBI (retired), advises you to try your best to be as calm as possible as you will be able to make better judgments and decisions when you are calm. He admits that this may not be easy, but you just have to train yourself towards it.

3. Bryan Paarmann, FBI (retired), advises that you should get to a safe place

The next tip is to try and get away from the dangerous location as quickly as possible. Ensure you and other members of your team are safe before you chart a new course of action. Remember, safety should always come first.

In addition to educating people, Bryan Paarmann FBI (retired), has also been contributing to his own awareness of the threat through constantly educating himself on the latest trends, techniques, and changes in the terrorism landscape.

Bryan Paarmann FBI

Bryan Paarmann 3 Emergency Response Tips

Bryan Paarmann, a veteran, and retired FBI Special Agent with a 30-plus year public service career in law enforcement and security has dedicated much of his life to protecting others and helping individuals and communities handle crises. Now, a Senior Vice President at Brosnan Risk Consultants Bryan Paarmann has held several very significant leadership positions, including leader of the New York Joint Terrorism Task Force (JTTF). Bryan Paarmann, FBI (retired) continues to train and speak to groups around the country to educate people on today’s varied threat landscape and how to effectively handle emergencies. Bryan Paarmann explains a few fundamentals here.Bryan Paarmann FBI

The first step to successful crisis management is to be prepared ahead of the crisis. Thoughtful planning and preparation in relatively calm times allows for a more effective response when times turn turbulent. Develop a strategy for how to handle a potential emergency and ensure everyone on the team, or in your household, knows what it is. Repeated exposure and familiarity with instructions ensures common awareness. For instance, it is advisable to have an evacuation route mapped and posted in a visible location. In the workplace or other commercial or public enterprises, law governs that you mark emergency exits clearly. Ensure you are in compliance. It is also advisable to occasionally conduct drills to not only practice emergency response but also identify flaws in the system and ascertain that everyone knows the plan and their role in it.

In case an emergency does occur, Bryan Paarmann says it is crucial to remain calm. This will facilitate better decision making and have a net positive effect on others around you. While this may be easier said than done, it is essential to effectively receive input, analyze the situation, and take action to protect yourself and others. In his many years in managing crisis situations, Bryan Paarmann saw time and again the importance of staying calm in stressful situations. If you start to feel confused or anxious in the midst of a crisis where your immediate safety is not at risk, stop for a moment if possible, take a deep breath, and re-focus on steps to take to ameliorate the current situation. Panic is a result of the body’s production of the stress hormone cortisol, which affects the pre-frontal cortex of the brain, the area responsible for decision-making and action. By deliberately overriding this instinct, you can continue to think clearly and critically.

Next, Bryan Paarmann advises you should get to a safe place. Depending on the nature of the emergency, this may mean running away to a sheltered space. If you are in the open, get inside. If there is a threat outside, secure ingress routes and get away from doors and windows. If it is not safe to go inside, find the best shelter that is immediately available. The key is to get off of the ‘X’ and remove yourself from the dangerous situation.. In the case of a natural disaster, such as flooding, get to high ground. Get as far away from the threat as possible.

Once you are safe, call for help. Use whatever emergency number is applicable (911 in the U.S.). Give a detailed description of the situation and your location. Even if you can’t speak for whatever reason, emergency services can likely track your location if you are using a landline or GPS-enabled cell. If it is safe to do so, tune in to your local radio station, TV, or Internet news channel. Emergency responders often use these platforms to issue specific instructions, such as in the case of a terror attack or natural disaster.

Bryan Paarmann points out the government also has a detailed list of emergency tips on its website. Review this to find more advice on how to handle potential issues that are a threat in your area. Bryan Paarmann suggests taking an emergency response or first aid course as well. A few hours spent in such a course could save a life.

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Bryan Paarmann FBI

Bryan Paarmann’s 3 New Year’s Resolutions for Better Leadership

The new year is an ideal opportunity to commit to positive change, both personal and professional. As an executive or manager, you may want to resolve to be a better leader in the new year. Bryan Paarmann, a veteran, and retired FBI agent devoted over 30 years of his life to public service in the armed services and law enforcement sectors. As the head of the original and largest Joint Terrorism Task Force in the U.S., he has extensive knowledge of leadership, a topic on which he still seeks to educate people. Here are his three resolutions he suggests for leaders to make the most of 2020.

Bryan Paarmann FBI
3 Leadership Resolutions for 2020

1) Take Responsibility for Employee Development
Employee development is crucial to keeping your workforce operating at peak efficiency. It can also help employees feel valued and certain that you are investing in them and their future with the company. Don’t leave this task to HR. Instead, research and discuss with colleagues what you can do to contribute to employee development this year.

2) Be Transparent
Transparency is key to good leadership. Employees and customers alike value a leader who takes the time to communicate regularly and seeks to gain support through information and sharing decision factors. Be real with your staff. Let them know when the organization is facing a hurdle and be open to discussing potential mis-steps or shortfalls. Likewise, be open to constructive criticism. One of the side benefits of transparency is that you open yourself to new ideas on how to improve.

3) Use Power Responsibly
As a leader, one of the most important aspects of your role is to make things better. This includes, of course, achieving organizational success, but also making your employees’ lives better and giving back to your community. Increasingly, people desire to work for an employer with a social conscience, one that shares the wealth through charitable donations and other philanthropic efforts, such as company volunteer days and social activism.

More on Bryan Paarmann FBI

Bryan Paarmann graduated from the United States Military Academy and served as an Infantry Officer in the US Army. During his tenure, he completed peacetime and combat assignments around the globe. In 1996, he joined the FBI, following in his father’s footsteps. His father had served in the FBI from 1953 to 1980 after serving in the military in World War II. While Bryan Paarmann worked his way through the ranks, his assignments grew in scope and responsibility within the FBI’s Criminal and National Security mandates.

One of the greatest honors of Bryan Paarmann’s career was his appointment to lead the NY Joint Terrorism Task Force, the largest, oldest, and one of the most active JTTF’s of the 102 nationwide. He became the FBI Special Agent in Charge of the New York Office Counterrorism Division and the NY JTTF in 2017.

Although Bryan Paarmann honorably retired in 2019, he continues to provide informational and educational presentations to various groups, including law enforcement, military, civic organizations, trade groups, non-governmental organizations, universities, and colleges on the changing dynamic of terrorism threats and what can be done to prevent and mitigate them.

Bryan Paarmann FBI Continues to Serve His Country Through Educational Engagements and Professional Networks

Bryan Paarmann has devoted much of his life to serving and protecting his community and country. Following in his father’s footsteps, he graduated from West Point in 1988 and commenced an over 30-year career in public service before honorably retiring from the FBI in 2019. Although he’s retired, he has not stopped his efforts to serve the public.

Bryan Paarmann frequently provides informational and educational presentations to various groups around the country. His engagements include presentations for law enforcement, military, civic organizations, trade groups, non-government organizations, colleges, and others. He discusses what he knows best: the changing dynamic of terrorism and what can and should be done to mitigate the threat.

Bryan Paarmann FBI

Bryan Paarmann graduated from the United States Military Academy and served as an Infantry Officer in the US Army. During his tenure, he completed both peacetime and combat assignments around the globe. He then proceeded to pursue a career in the Federal Bureau of Investigation (FBI), following his father’s legacy. Bryan Paarmann’s father had served in the FBI from 1953 to 1980 after serving in the military in World War II.

Bryan Paarmann moved up the ranks in the FBI and completed both operational and leadership assignments with increasing scope and responsibility within both the Criminal and National Security mandates of the organization.

For much of his career, he specialized in counterterrorism and crisis management. However, he was also one of the senior leaders in the FBI’s International Program. In this capacity, he oversaw the totality of the FBI’s efforts overseas to build, develop, and maintain strong collaborative relationships with the world’s law enforcement and security organizations in order to further American foreign policy objectives and bring a cohesive network to bear on crime problems and terrorism worldwide.

One of his greatest honors was his appointment to lead the NY Joint Terrorism Task Force. He became Special Agent in Charge at the New York Office Counterterrorism Division and the NY JTTF in 2017. The NY Joint Terrorism Task Force is one of the most dynamic and oldest of the 102 JTTFs in the United States. He retired honorably from the FBI in 2019.

After over 30 years of serving his country in various positions, Bryan Paarman has amassed a wealth of security wisdom and operational law enforcement knowledge. Although he has more than done his part to selflessly serve his nation and people, he is committed to a lifetime of service. While he has transitioned away from government services and into the private sector, he endeavors to continue to keep his country and its citizens safe through education, training, and innovative security practices.

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Bryan Paarmann Has Faithfully And Honorably Served The United States

Bryan Paarmann FBI

Bryan Paarmann is protective of his country and is a proud American. In many ways, he has faithfully and honorably served his homeland.

Bryan has proudly served in the US Army and as an FBI agent.

Throughout his career at the Federal Bureau of Investigation, he received numerous promotions; all increasing in scope and responsibility. His final role in the Bureau was to lead the New York Joint Terrorism Task Force. This position suited him well as he was a recognized Counterterrorism expert, practitioner, and had worked at senior levels on multiple high level and sensitive investigations designed to help protect the American people and uphold the U.S. Constitution.

Bryan Paarmann has excellent leadership skills and a steadfast allegiance to the United States. During his time as an FBI Special Agent and a National Security Senior Executive, he served on numerous counter-terrorism task forces and helped change policy, procedure, and process to make those groups more collaborative, more efficient, and able to mitigate the threat effectively.

Bryan’s education and investigative expertise were perfect for this position. This skill was instrumental when conducting his duties in reducing terrorist threats.

In the past, he has presented to numerous groups, to include renowned Academic Institutions, critical Private Sector entities, Think-Tanks, Civic Institutions, foreign partners, and law enforcement/intelligence professionals. Bryan spends time talking about the threat, ways to mitigate that threat, collaboration, and more effective and efficient methods to defeat terrorism and terrorist threats.

Fighting against those who want to cause harm is a notable responsibility. It requires time, understanding, and training to know how to handle scary situations. Education, information sharing, operational cooperation, and effectively developing and utilizing intelligence are the cornerstones for success in Paarmann’s opinion.

Bryan has always been more than willing to share his expertise to enhance people’s knowledge of this matter.

Paarmann covers what we can do as a society to protect our country. Bryan cares about building a safer world for the people of today and for the future.

Still, after three decades of selfless service to our nation, Paarmann nobly retired. It was not an easy decision for him.

Bryan Paarmann will always feel strongly about security and safety. It is why he advises people to be observant of their surroundings and to become actively engaged in countering the terrorist threat. ‘If you see something, say something, so that we all can do something’ is a mantra worth repeating.

He asks that people take deliberate action when spotting something suspicious or unusual. It is vital to contact authorities and not approach a potentially dangerous situation.

Paarmann learned a lot during his time in the Army and while working as an FBI agent. These valuable experiences have helped him make a difference in how we handle terrorism.

His sincere devotion has always been to make this world a safer place for everyone. Bryan Paarmann has faithfully and honorably served the United States in many ways and continues to do so.

For thirty-plus years, Bryan has been a professional protector of this country. Now, he continues on a personal level to help keep things safe.

His goal is to teach ways to guard one another and to keep each other safe from terrorist threats.

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Bryan Paarmann Had A Very Honorable And Noteworthy FBI Career

After serving honorably in the US Army for a number of years, Bryan Paarmann joined the FBI in 1996. He became a second-generation FBI Special Agent and was proudly issued the same credential number as his father before him. Bryan Paarmann decided he wanted to honor his father by following in his footsteps.

Bryan Paarmann FBI (2)Bryan Paarmann worked diligently fulfilling that honorable legacy as an agent and created a noteworthy career in the FBI. While working at the Federal Bureau of Investigation (FBI), he fulfilled numerous assignments and assumed ever-increasing leadership roles with each one increasing in scope and complexity. Bryan Paarmann contributed to numerous high profile, sensitive, and significant matters, many of which garnered media attention over the years.

Bryan Paarmann’s service included assignments both domestically and overseas.

Bryan Paarmann’s responsibilities grew at the FBI and he was selected to enter the Senior Executive Service ranks within the Bureau in 2013. The highlight of his career came in 2017 when he was personally selected to lead both the FBI New York Office’s Counterterrorism Division and the multi-agency New York Joint Terrorism Task Force. He brought his leadership capabilities and career of experience as he shifted into the role of FBI Special Agent in Charge.

The New York Joint Terrorism Task Force is arguably one of the most dynamic, multi-organizational, collaborative counterterrorism team in the nation. Bryan Paarmann’s experience and investigative abilities enabled him to be a successful leader.

After three decades of service to the nation, Bryan Paarmann honorably retired from the FBI. As he transitions from government service to the public sector, he is grateful and humbled that he was able to fulfill his legacy with honor, serve the nation faithfully, and he often reflects fondly on the incredible people that he was fortunate enough to serve within the collective effort to keep America safe and uphold the Constitution of the United States.

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Bryan Paarmann’s Over Thirty-Year Career Of Commitment To Public Service

Bryan Paarmann graduated from West Point in 1988. After graduation, he started an over thirty-year career of commitment to public service. Bryan Paarmann honorably served the United States in many positions.

After graduation from the United States Military Academy, Bryan Paarmann went on to serve as an Infantry Officer in the US Army. Bryan Paarmann completed both peacetime and combat assignments globally. After serving our country in the military, Bryan Paarmann resolutely continued his life of service to the nation.

Bryan Paarmann (5)

Public service is not only significant but is a calling for Bryan Paarmann.

His dedication to a lifetime of service to the nation is why he joined the ranks of the Federal Bureau of Investigation (FBI) in 1996. Secondly, Bryan Paarmann also wanted to accomplish a family legacy and follow in his father’s footsteps who had served in the FBI from 1952 – 1980 following service in the military in World War II.

In 1996, Bryan Paarmann became a second-generation FBI Special Agent, proudly accepting and carrying his father’s credential number which was passed on to him. The picture of the Paarmann ‘passing of the torch’ still hangs in the FBI Experience museum in FBIHQ.

While working at the Federal Bureau of Investigation (FBI), he handled many assignments in several geographically disparate offices around the country and the world. Bryan Paarmann’s assignments grew in both scope and responsibility within the FBI’s Criminal and National Security mandates.

A highlight of Bryan Paarmann’s career was being selected to lead the NY Joint Terrorism Task Force; the largest, oldest, and arguably one of the most active JTTF’s out of 102 in the nation. He became the FBI Special Agent in Charge of the FBI New York Office Counterterrorism Division and the NY JTTF in 2017; something that he credits with being one of the greatest honors in his career.

The task force is the most dynamic multi-organizational counterterrorism team in the nation.

After three decades, Bryan Paarmaan honorably retired from the FBI in 2019 but his commitment to public service continues.

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Bryan Paarmann Spent A Vast Majority Of His FBI Career As A Counterterrorism Practitioner

Over 30-years, Bryan Paarmann has honorably served the United States in many ways. The role of a Counterterrorism Practitioner has been constant throughout his career.

Bryan Paarmann has many accomplishments. A West Point graduate, Bryan went on to serve as an Infantry Officer in the U.S. Army. His assignments involved both global peacetime and combat duties.


A proud veteran, Bryan Paarmann continued his commitment to a lifetime of service. In 1996, Bryan Paarmann followed in his father’s footsteps. He became a second-generation FBI Special Agent.

While working at the Federal Bureau of Investigation (FBI), he worked on multiple assignments. With each progressive step, Bryan Paarmann advanced in both scope and area of responsibility. His investigative leadership responsibilities grew within both the FBI’s Criminal and National Security mandate.

Eventually, Bryan Paarmann was at the high-point of his career.

Bryan Paarmann was selected to lead the New York Joint Terrorism Task Force as the FBI Special Agent in Charge. The task force is arguably one of the most dynamic multi-organizational collaborative counterterrorism teams in the nation.

After three decades of selfless service to the nation, Bryan Paarmann nobly retired from his FBI role as an expert Counterterrorism Practitioner and a leader in the effort to keep America safe.

Today, Bryan Paarmann focuses on transitioning away from government services. As Bryan Paarmann joins the private sector, he hopes his skills will continue to support the improvement of safety and security for all.

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